Saturday, March 10, 2007

Walking today in a nature preserve....birds and giants

Took a couple of miles walk in a nature preserve. Saw an amazing flock of Fish crows - maybe thirty birds. Fish crows look a lot like American crows but can be distinguished by their call - their sound. Fish crows sound like the crow talking through a kazoo - a duck like nasal call.

Other birds I saw were common gulls (ring billed and Herring), two white throat sparrows, one song sparrow, one Downy woodpecker, a beautiful great blue heron flying seventy feet high, some distant ducks (possibly flying hooded mergansers), Brandt and the ubiquitous Canada geese.

Hooded merganser is elegant, but would taste incredibly fishy due to its diet, you know. Small and full of energy.

As I continued why walk I met a man about my age jogging with a Giants cap on - not a NY Giants football cap, but a San Francisco Giants baseball cap. That is my team. My only real team.

When I was twelve I said to myself - someday I will have sex and the Giants will win the World's Series. Well, many years later it has not happened. Close but no cigarette, joint or anything. One time it was a matter of outs and I sat there amazed - dreamlike and stunned. It all fell apart. Horrible. They lost that game and the next day they lost the Series, 4 games to 3.

When your are twelve and a boy - sometimes you live for baseball.

So this guy and I shared a moment and he spoke how another new player intended to shield Barry Bonds form steroids questions. And I could tell he was a real fan.

Go Giants, even though there is no hope. None at all. Baseball, Starbucks, art - whatever.

I love baseball, tennis, and now am appreciating soccer. There is much more that I love so much more. I am no longer twelve, you know.

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