Friday, March 16, 2007

"My googled gobled earth" and ani defranco

For some odd reason - coincidence or karma - on Googled Earth the only piece of real property I own, our home, is under purple smudge in the satellite photograph - a smudge that starts a couple of houses west from ours. My house is not defined. Something like out of Ghostbusters.

I think Ani Difranco can create special effects just with her voice and guitar. For years I have heard of her and recently done eBay and picked up used copies of multiple of her CDs. Some amazing pearls and very fresh, open, aware - refreshingly original.

What would life be without my iPod on the train?

Today going to work I was listening to an Ani live CD as I used my metrocard to enter the E train station at Penn Station. Suddenly there was an alarm in perfect sync to the song in my head. The alarm sounded so real I imagined this was genius arrangement until I pulled off a headphone and it was an alarm when someone opened the handicap gate without permission....funny.

Coincidental and magical. Serendipity at its microscopic best. But Ani is a talent, and a voice - no luck there.

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