Saturday, March 3, 2007

Hooded Warbler

I am painting a hooded warbler on canvas board with acrylics - here is a pic of one. This bird hangs out low is large for a warbler. It flashes bright white in the tail. One of my favorites and also relatively tame. Since it stays close to the ground, one tends to see it well. Relatively uncommon in spring in Central Park. I miss seeing them.

Well, the painting of the bird was coming along very well but the cherry blossoms I added sucked. Sour cherries, obviously. Waited for them to fall off but, alas, this does not happen in acrylics. Frozen like a broken watch. So I painted over them and dealing with it....not sure if painting can be saved. No "undo" on canvas.

Safety net is technique, sometimes luck. I always am on the look out for good fortune.

Note to this blogger - you need to practice just painting leaves, flowers and tree limbs and branches.

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