Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Black, Melting White

On train today was a woman all in black - black coat, dark sunglasses, black hose and shoes, black skirt, black phone, black leather gloves and black handbag. The only place she rejected the use of black was her hair which she had frosted blond with dark roots showing. OK, she also had on a very pretty cool blouse - thin stripes that were multi colored, but in the distance suggested a pale gray. Barney's tasteful. Finally she placed her black phone is a small bag that was also black, although with a nurturing deep red lining. Better dressed and nicer accessories than moi.

It is so safe to dress in all black. Also easy, like my putting on khaki pants.

Outside the snow is quickly melting - there is a cheek kiss feeling of spring and I crave it. White to clear, running into the gutters or evaporating.

Attached is the latest update to recent picture, making better use of the background dark image. Also needed more visual impact in lower right for when painted over. Envisioned this based on oil pastel exercise last night.

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