Thursday, March 8, 2007

Need Inspiration, From the Ground Up

Apathetic today - maybe the cold weather or lack of stimuli. Plural lack of stimulus. My senses and sensibilities are in Limbo - some would say the situation is worse than ever because nowadays Limbo does not even exist. Like the Soviet Union.

And bummed a bit from constant rib pain. Hurts when I laugh, cough or sneeze. Tires and drains you.

Please do not make me laugh while I am sneezing.

Here is something I am working on - need to learn Corel Paint and Draw suite. I get scared off my new technology. Need to buy better digital camera so I can do close up photos of my small bird paintings. Thinking of upgrading my home computer.

I framed nice tiny seascape. Hooded warbler painting will probably be tossed. That warbler will never find its mate.

I need a cup of good coffee. To sit and sip and wait and temp fate (it rhymes). Need inspiration, from the ground up.

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