Friday, March 2, 2007

Marching into Spring

After torrential rains last night through morning , today there is a warm front that has left the air with all the warm promise of spring. I can see the shadows of the migrating birds that will come soon as well as hear the murmur resulting form the appearance of short skirts and flip flops. I love spring and find much solace in summer's many many many pleasures. Like a heatwave.

Here I am attaching something half baked, partly to create a blog and also to compare it to what, if anything, emerges.

Went for a walk today and returned to my waterfall. It was much more majestic in early morning light when I was there in a cold wind. Then the juxtaposition of falling water and icy wind made for a crisp observation. It was also so perfect to be there alone - in my own little urban cathedral. Today there were more people, only five or six, yet the warmth and the patter of feet and voices made my oasis almost pedestrian.

They say one cannot go home again and it would appear one cannot return to something that was minor yet delightful on discovery.

Sometimes one can relive a true wonder, but that must involve a downpour of grace coupled with an unexpected perfectly timed wave of miracles. Sometimes ones heart is aided and quickened by slowly sipping a medium coffee (with skim milk), always aware of a door for the moment it opens.

Be open to the vision and find truth and comfort in both commmon and in spectacular beauty.

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