Wednesday, March 14, 2007

changes (so so so so so so)

I need to buy a great digital camera - have spent maybe 300 dollars on paints, canvases and brushes and now I need some very good photo equipment.

I need to continue losing weight and to not lose my passion for art. I have stopped watching most TV. Only Lost, once a week. I need to get healthy. Start playing tennis.

Not sure what I will do about other subtle priorities. A Rubicon has been crossed - sadly. I have been blessed and cursed with a most amazing ride - I know have regained some energy. But my soul is hurting today and I have little for a baseline comparison.

One should keep a diary - a journal or blog. Only by writing it down do you sense that the way you feel now, today, this moment, is ephemeral. Unless you write it down you live too much in the present - today's emotions cannot rule.

Here is a toast to Edward Weston who wrote daily. Here is to one of my favorite photographers, as I face and walk into a late winter deserted street without strong coffee and maybe no longer ever having to wait, again.

So so so so so so so so so so. Always and everyday. Soon, probably never. Someday somehow somewhere. Soon. Soon. Soon.

Peace, my wonder, and I will walk into the rain without an umbrella. Always.

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