Thursday, March 8, 2007

Commuting with Technology

Tonight on the train home I was on a seat that gets pushed down - otherwise room for wheelchair. Very uncomfortable, but last seat available.

Had 250 ML of a nice white wine and across from me was guy with two 16 ounce Silver Bullets - lite Coors beer. I listened to my iPod and he had a Blackberry, typing and getting emails.

I preferred my choice of beverage and entertainment.

I am still listening to versions of "I Want You" and that segued into Beatles "I Want you (She's So Heavy)" from Abbey Road. Dylan's "I Want You" on Bl;on on Blond is the least emotional of versions I am listening to - less lust and desire than Springsteen or Hawkins.

Saw a delightful love story tonight on DVD - "Buddy" - from Norway. I could tell you that Boy gets Girl (which girl?) but that would ruin it - no?

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