Thursday, March 15, 2007

No one ever said that Mona Lisa was pretty....

....the consensus is she is beautiful. Present tense and, thus, for ever.

Mysterious. Graceful. Eternal. Alive and communicative. Sensual and forgiving. Mother, daughter and wife. We all see what is best about ourselves in her.

Pretty does not equate to beauty. There is a difference - you can skip a stone off something pretty - there is not depth, just veneer and almost everyone recognizes it at first blush. Simple, like Diet Coke without even a wedge of lemon.

Art is not about pretty things- sometimes it is about revealing that which is truly beautiful - to expose a depth and clarity. Art cannot glorify the obvious. We have advertising to do that.

Art exults the universal. It resonates our humanity and not just our lust. Look at the placement of her hands - you sense her warmth and her fears. Trusting and tentative like an alternating current.

All of us have a bit of Mona Lisa's allure on our skin or deeper - it is part of what helps define us as human and ultimately helps mark each of us as unique. Beauty is a wonder and we all own a share. Some just hold a greater stake, although not all comprehend how they are blessed. They cannot see or they cannot feel. Or it is too close to them, like a shadow at their backs.

And some are cursed by needing to mine and glorify it. It is hard to do - am I an artist or a bull shit artist?

I see drop dead beauty at most once day - it might be a feminine gesture. or a paint scattered on wall or the wing beat and flight of a songbird. I can see something pretty on TV or in a glamor magazine anytime or sometimes walking down Fifth Avenue to meet investment banker hubby.

I long to work with beauty (to isolate it and nurture it). I do not seek to create images that sell bras or perfume or overpriced handbags.

I have been working with Internet images of a woman I do not know. I am not sure but I suspect she has a very good self image since she is a dancer and an actor. It is a hard life so I suspect she is strong. Determined.

From what I have discovered on a computer screen, she is one of the most beautiful women on this earth. I can see her image as photographed through a variety of lenses and she is stunning. This earth and all its moons cannot diminish her. Yes, she leaves me transfixed and I hope someday she allows me to demonstrate it.

I want to make her the focus of a show. To work with her images, Internet and otherwise, and hopefully create images that I myself photographed and then manipulated and then painted.

I desire to make her a visual goddess and to find in her some of what is pure and true and uplifting in all of us. To mine the depth I see in her eyes and the conviction I see past her lips. To echo the songs and kind thoughts of her heart.

More later. There is a plan. There must be magic. I know there is beauty. I am not sure if I have any talent in me.

Doubt creeps in, always, like a hungry fat house cat. Sometimes it growls, sometimes it purrs. And my heart sometimes is the little gray mouse that it toys with. A kitten learns from its mother how to kill. Thus far doubt has never extinguished my creativity. But it held it down in its paw for too many years.

Below is an image - permission not granted to publish and downloaded off her website. A view of a star. I see here inspiration, enough so to cause the global warming of my visual lobe.

I am falling and falling with no place to fall. And a curse becomes a blessing for a while. And for weeks I have worked with images I have found of her via the web. And some are very valid. I feel revived. How can you thank someone you do not know?

I do feel revived. Stirred not shaken like a Bond martini. At times in slow motion, like I experienced once in a miraculous car crash that I survived without a mark.

There must be magic. There must be luck. There must be....

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