Thursday, March 22, 2007

Back to the MoMA

Spent an hour or so on Paintings floor that covered Rousseau, Van Gogh, Picasso, Chagall, et al up through and past Paul Klee. Huge Monet triptych water lilies. Some rooms felt solemn - the works large and majestic. The Klee work, including small pictures on paper, were radiant.

The entire small room is dedicated to Klee from the Museum's collection. Other canvases of other artists may be grander there, but the body of work in that room was the most memorable moment of the visit.

The floor I visited had work that revolutionized painting - stood it on its end and redefined aesthetics. Perfect way to enjoy a lunch break.

No real work done today - art work, I mean. Need to find place to print large - 11 by 14 minimum. Need to experiment with small painting and use of acrylics. Particularly where I make the pigments more glossy with additive.....if it works and sticks, need to purchase metallic colors. Ha ha.

I will need large examples to convince myself as well as the preferred subject I need to prove the work is valid. Overcome doubt, some history, the whole ball of wax.

Speaking of wax, I need to also experiment with melted paraffin and maybe glue gun. Jasper John, forgive me.

Last week I saw the Jeff Wall exhibit at MoMa - need to discuss this. Important to do so and maybe include examples. His sophisticated use of computers to build photographs is central - I am a barbarian regarding photo edit tools and resources when I manipulate. This may be good - a good thing.

Past midnight. Back to sleep. Back to working on art, soon.

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jgy said...

Thank you for sharing this moment.
Really, tears are coming to my eyes.
This morning when I was so busy moderating the comments (ha) I wasn't sure if you were brilliant or crazy or just challenging notions or simply playing.
Or being as Aquarians are, and daring to go past the status quo, setting the rest of us (even Sagitarians) on our heads wondering.

Then I don't know what brought me back to notice this tag, but I did and I see the walls of that gallery, the jewels and lines and swatches of color. I see the art I always loved (will tell you that most of the years I lived inNY I would go to that gallery or the PK room at the Met to wish PK a happy b-day) and forgot about for a long time, for whatever reasons, living inJapan and losing a part of myself, which I have recently been finding again.

Some sort of materiality returns to me in this post.