Monday, March 5, 2007

"When Seas Part"

The final, for now, is above.

Too loud, no?

Today is the coldest windiest day of this winter - went by the waterfall to see it in frigid splendor and it was turned off (no water) - looked at a concrete wall studded with small rocks - lifeless. Colder than the strong wind.

On a more positive note my watch, which I thought broke when my rib broke, seems to have only needed a new battery. What an odd coincidence that the battery would fail when I fell? I love my watch - simple even though the date of the month is always off - except today when it was reset by the jeweler!

On my way to MOMA now to gaze at world class art and maybe one great artsy inspiration....

Postscript - MOMA is closed Tuesday, but for the book and gift shops. Sort of like the waterfall not falling. Oh for two today.

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