Friday, March 30, 2007

How much for a coffee?

Had short discussion with friend and he thinks coffee at Starbucks is incredibly overpriced. I explained the coffee is great and they never rush you. Where else can you nurse a two dollar drink for three hours and not be asked to move on or buy something else.

Try doing that in a dive bar south of Penn Station or the Four Seasons bar on East 57th.

Starbucks customers tend to be well educated and laid back and almost no one is overly worried about being pick pocketed. It is a two dollar oasis, some stores with relatively clean bathrooms. Always a plus, since coffee in must sometime soon be coffee out.

The music is also good and the brown recycled paper napkins are softer than a new born baby's butt.

I know this much, drinking coffee and green tea has helped me lose weight.

My only regret is the Starbucks in Penn Station has long lines and few seats. Also dark. And noisy. Thus, a crappy Starbucks where coffee is overpriced.

Oh, well - on vacation for a couple of weeks so this sorry blog will get bogged down. Will be in the Everglades and Keys and hope to take some nice pics.....

If anyone reads this - add a comment, or whatever. I crave communication.

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