Monday, March 19, 2007

"Snapshots, Then Infatuation" - and another passing of a baton

Inspired and wired. Unable to stop. A passion. A smile. Bright eyes.

Modified the aqua blues on the image on top. This picture - this composition - is meant to be further worked on once printed with oil pastels.

Listened this weekend to more Ani DiFranco and also to a "Best of" from Peter Townshend, formerly of The Who. Period of his CD basically covers my much of my storied adulthood and it is no that good a compillation. Pete - I am sorry. You burned out after making so much good muasic while you were young. It is no longer your generation, just as it is not mine. Wonder if it age or wealth? Or just rock music

How much good rock is put out by people who are now filty rich, living in estates? Bowie, Stones, McCartney?

For a while I did not pay as much attention to younger recording artists. Sort of like my dad liked Sinatra and disliked the Beatles....but, I am trying to be open minded.

Annie DiFranco has been cranking out more memorable songs on one CD than Pete lately has in a decade, maybe two.....She is pretty amazing. If I were a woman - something I really am not on the path towards, thank you - she might be a hellof a role model. Voice, sensibilities and guitar. Also very considerate and warm to her audience. Worth seeing live. A real artist.

The baton is passed. She would probably also appreciate it if you passed the hat. She is too good to be filthy rich.

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