Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lunch Walk - Spring Bling and Better Things

Back to Central Park today - long walk about three miles in great weather. Appreciated the north wind which made me feel alive and aware and adventuresome.

Of note walking north was attractive slim blond woman in designer shawl and sling backs who was clinging to a skinny unattractive junior executive as we all walked up Fifth. She kept kissing him, whispering in his ear and tugging at his sleeve. Very public display of affection. Funny, they ran into Harry Winston Jewelers where I think she is going to get a hell of bling.

Someone who is really being spoiled - nothing like I would ever be able to do for anyone, ever. Probably. Never.

Success versus accomplishments. Money versus worth and intent. Significance, whatever. They seemed to be walking on air, maybe a elated shallow cushion of gross materialism.

During the long walk I discussed life issues with a colleague. Things of note are that blond women are over appreciated, that high heels can limit a woman's mobility and that a woman's mobility is under appreciated. I equate mobility with grace. Grace is a critical component of true beauty.

In essence, we decided to focus on aesthetics that need to be deciphered and revealed. To appreciate the understated beauty of young Spring's budding foliage versus glorifying with the lemmings the mass appeal of fall's bright crimson leaves.

It's a beautiful day. I once had a cute little button that said that.

I miss the Sixties. I miss a lot. I do not know what I have.