Wednesday, March 7, 2007

"always (a lower case wonder)" - renamed

Words and phrases are ten times more fascinating when they have to be deciphered. On the subway I love to read a neighbor's newspaper - stories that would be boring are like puzzles as I try to figure out the words, importance and tie in the pictures. And you have to do it quickly without being caught looking and before the page is turned.

Tabloids work well for this. The Daily News from ten feet away is as intriguing as a worn well short skirt. OK, never that good but long distance tabloid reading helps preoccupy my attention deficit compulsive mind.

Words in compositions add more weight than the graphic equivalent (blotch of paint, min picture, etc). The eye gravitates to writing, so a small amount of writing can present a stronger visual element than at first imagined. Eyes go left to right, but they also stop at words. And one lingers longer if communication cannot be easily deciphered. Sort of like early on in any unconscionable relationship.

What is provided and what is held back? Who is willing to dive in and swim? Who blows the whistle making everyone get out of the pool?

And I still want to give myself away.

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