Friday, March 9, 2007

Falling and falling with nowhere to fall ("Find the Two Hearts")

On E train to Penn Station tonight saw woman, maybe thirty, with red square eye glasses and her face makeup, rouge and lipstick that perfectly matched her cute glassses. She looked adorable - more smart than sexy which is very sexy. I fell and fell, with no where to fall.

Understand, I wear kakhi pants and polo shirts in summer and mostly LL Bean flannel shirts in winter - no follower of faux fashion am I. But the woman looked heavenly and I developed an eye glass fetish for the three stops that we shared on the train. She got off at 42nd Street - probably headed to New Jersey.

She was beautiful and in all likelihood I will never see her again. I do not think anyone else noticed her. But in my eyes all five foot six inches of her were radiant. Mostly her face, honestly.

I do not even remember what she was wearing. It was the glasses.... and the lipstick....and rouge on strong cheek bones, maybe the way her hair framed her face. I photographed her in my mind fifty times.

There is a curse to seeing, well.

Here is an image I made tonight titled "Find the Two Hearts."

Can you see the subway tracks? I wonder where the train will stop?

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