Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sophie by Way of Matisse to Modigliani and Embracing That Which is So So So

OK, I am reaching. I do not consider my image any good. The premise for posting it is as a jumping off point to discuss influences and make some base statements about perception and Beauty. The real "B." Beauty.

Matisse's Jazz cut outs, created when he was old and almost blind, are simply bare boned effective and elegant. So seductive that they appeal immediately to even the uninitiated. I bought a poster of Jazz when I had my first apartment - it is art that appeals to those who are drawn to art yet still a tad sophomoric.

I also loved Modigliani early on. He glorified feminine beauty without relying on classic features. More beautiful than pretty, if you know what I mean. And there is a great difference. Modigliani could represent his subject's core values via the eyes. Eyes, the depth of a gaze, are so important.

The greatest beauty - that which is by far most elegant and lasting - is not obvious. But when perceived is so so so so so so so so so so memorable and ultimately indelible, if the mind behind the eyes has a modicum of common sense.

I know beauty when I see it. Infatuation, unrequited, is the inflated interest I am willing to pay - a fair price for the miraculous debt. As a heartbreaker once told me, I am in love with love.

After and before....with my sincere apologies to any unintended comparison to you, Henri.

Postscript March 9, 2007 - tried to improve Sophie image - less Matisse, more John. Still not that good. Oh, well.

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