Saturday, March 3, 2007

Franz Kline

Franz Kline amazes me. Paint. Truth primed.

My favorite Annie Liebovitz portrait is of Steve Martin dressed in a white tuxedo before his Kline painting. The paint on the glove makes the picture.

Steve Martin obviously has made a lot of money and has good taste.

The Frick in Manhattan is on 5th in the low eighties - an amazing mansion at an incredible location. But the paintings inside are worth so much more than the real estate. Rembrandts, Dutch masters, Singers, an amazing collection. Imported from Europe with turn of the century steel blood money. The same thing Japan is doing to the world these days.

Art is the best leveraged commodity, sometimes. Get thee to the Frick. Listen to Sophie there with headphones. Buy a co cop building or a small Van Gogh.

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