Sunday, December 16, 2007



Based on photograph of just wintry ready field - cold November mornign and there were traces of worn receeding snow huddled where there were shaddows.


Debi said...

I like the controlled energy and wild obsessiveness in your work. Sounds like I'm contradicting myself. Your work has that kind of effect -- a dichotomy of so much going on.

I just like your work and when I come here I look at it for a long time, trying to come up with the right words.

I'm curious. How would you describe it? Or, even, how would like it to be described?

I just realized Jackson Pollock comes to mind -- bold inventiveness.

Can I say I love Denny again? I love Denny again.

John - Copyright JMM 2007 said...

Thank you for being so kind. The only thing I share with Pollock is that we both lived/live on Long Island - he was a genius. At best I have attention deficit back ordered.

I do like Pollock, my favorite is Motherwell. Kline, Dieberkorn, Rothko. Degas. Monet. Pissaro.

In my "art" I try to create something at peace with elements that move. To locate the static compositon within quantified chaos.

It is easiest when you start with an attractive image and I learned and grew (I am far from matured) manipulating images of a NYC dancer who I discovered quite by accident on MySpace (her space). I srtruggled after that and still am. I do feel like I am startring to get the hang of it, slightly.

Years ago, I photographed in color sidewalks, curbs, stairs and did shows in San Francisco. Later painted on photographs, mainly B&W with soft pastels, this was in NY. The gallery owner told me the next thing I diod would be amazingf and it has taken me 15 years, thre kids and two cars, one house and four jobs. Same wife, thank her.

Moved here, NYC, to do art. Stayed because I love cold icy winters and humid summers.

None of my newer painted images are here because I do not have a scanner. The electronic image is phase one - many are made to be painted and I consider them "backbone" images. There is adanger in making the electronic copy too detailed.

I have only shown my new stuff, a tear drop of a portfolio, to friends and have done this blog quietly and basically never reached out to anyone. Then I found a "blog of distinction" (if that is what they call it), and went to the site because I saw the word collage. And I followed some of Neda's links to see other is kind of like walking into a college bar with seven bucks, ready for a beer and some pinball.

Sandy Deeny is a gem.

Do you know Neko Case? I love Neko and there are couple of her 2007 concerts for free on NPR Concert podcats.

Thank, again. Take care.

griesmail said...

Hi John, wished my English was so good I could say more in my comments. I love the organized chaos in your work.

You mention great artists, I saw them all. Saw the first paintings of Franz Kline, Pollock and Rotko in Germany, saw more of these great artists in Switserland, Spain and Hungarije.
The huge Rotko's were the most overwhelming art-sensations I ever felt. (I went back 2 times to Germany to see them again).

Debi said...

It's not entirely good to start the day off before 8 a.m. with voices (both new to me) such as Denny or Case. Very moody. Very good.

I'll be back later. More I'd like to say, but must get to work. Thank you for answering my question.