Saturday, December 22, 2007


Again, sampled from the great peaceful state of Texas, hopefully with implied permission.

Working for years with high caliber Manhattan corporate lawyers has made me a deliberate weasel. Life sentence in dog years.


griesmail said...

beautiful skiline, have a nice weekend

Debi said...

Implied permission implicitly granted!

Man, I dig seeing what you do with bits of this, lots of that. That being whatever goes on in your weasel world.

Funny, I used to work for attorneys in Houston as a secretary/receptionist. My line used to be "If I go to hell, it will be for all the lies I told that year working for them." So long ago. Now I suppose I have lots of other reasons to be sent to hell and can't blame Martin, Russell, and Hallick.

I see overpasses, onramps, the Twin Towers, dreary office buildings, and red joyful loops that just want to be free of it all!

Rust never sleeps. Nor does red's loops of joy.

But what's this about a barnyard? "F" to be precise ;)

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

I never saw the twin towers in this image - that was such an awful day. I first saw the white smoke from my railroad car while commuting in - I thought there had been a big fire in Queens.

I realized later that 9/11 was the day that I no longer was "a photographer" because I did not rush out, buy a camera, go south and document my closest most intimate brush with "history."

Instead somehow I got to a train statikon in Queens and rode hoem with many people covered in white dust. They had been closer to Ground Zero - I was midtown.

I will never forget about a week later the first time I saw an airline jet in the sky. No longer innocent.

One thing I am proud of is that no one killed anyone in a stampede out of the burning Towers. We can handle being in crowds and stay on line.

"Barnyardf" is just a fast file name created as to not to overwrite in "save as."

griesmail said...

that was heavy that day, shocked everyone, you were so close. Friends of me visited the twin-towers 2 days before they collapsed. They were married 25 years that day.