Thursday, December 27, 2007

Again, to show process and also to highlight simple cheap trick of inverting colors which creates instant compliment (ying your yang) - like a politician kissing babies or taking a small earnest bribe.

Do not shoot me, I am just the piano player. Movie then an album. Listening to Feist, "The Reminder."

Drinking glasses in hotel bathroom during summer business trip to San Francisco. I miss San Francisco, grew up there.


Prior steps in process:


Debi said...

Can I get any more grinny? Another artist reveal post!

Cheap Trick. Hm, another musical reference? No, you don't seem like an especially Cheap Trick fan to me. Too easy. Too much percussion. Too many mullets.

But this cheap trick invert works here. Recently I've gone the other way -- darks to light. But you reveal the yang (or ying) of light to dark.

And you can explain the process all you want -- I love it! -- but in the end your work is still as mysterious and lovely to me as it was before.

I adore this piece. Makes me feel terribly, terribly satisfied.

Neda said...

Hi John! Greetings from Beirut!

I will have to save these instructions so I can really delve into the tech aspects.

Best regards to you and your loved ones.

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

Ohh, Cheap Trick had "Surrender" which I loved as a single.

Cheap here means easy and I and I abuse inverting then warp my nmisconduct via tone shifts - this blunts the assault.

Neda, thanks for visiting. I cannot imagine how Beirut is. When I was a kid it was an Arabian paradise - gem of culture, civilization and intellect. Sixth grade social study on my mental tape drive.

I will need to know what scanner you got.

Bev said...
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griesmail said...

what to say with my handicap in Enlish words: beautiful!