Thursday, December 13, 2007


I have been tagging my posts and am amazed re progression over under a year. There is an important book, "The Courage to Create" by Rollo May. The courage in a nut shell is to create despite the fear and uncertainty.

For every hard edged disappointment there is a slice of grace. Nothing lost, nothing cliched.

I am blessed and cursed and slightly drunk this minute. Grey Goose office Christmas party. Snowing in New York. Good night to fall down and break another rib....


griesmail said...

to create from nothing to something, that a hell of a job I know, have to handle with it almost every day. The white canvas askes; so Trijnie whaht will it be today, there is always fear and uncertainty.

I like your creations and be back.
Your first name is copyright? I like to link your blog, if that's ok let me know.

I hope for snow this Winter. But global warming changes everything...

Copyright JMM 2007 said...

My name is John - I need to figure out how to put copyright disclaimer on my site.

Please - if you wish - link my blog, that would be an honor and I will try to do the same for you (html code and all - yikes)

I paint birds on canvas sometimes - rarely larger than 11 by 14 inches. It is much harder to do than what I do here. I moved to New York so long ago to be an "artist." Did some gallery shows - painted photographs - now mostly make breakfast for my kids and work in Manhattan law firm (not a lawyer).

I worked years ago with many kind gentle funny athletic people from The Netherlands. Go, Orange.

I hope you get to skate on a canal soon....I am debating getting a dog for my kids for Christmas.

Debi said...

John, I loved your comment on my blog. Farm report couldn't be more appropriate. Enochs is in the middle of cotton country. Or maybe somehow you knew that?

I am still trying to digest your work here. The second I arrived I said to myself now this is something I've seen before! I don't know how to quite verbalize what I think. Yet.

So I've been looking back through (with Sandy Denny via Youtube going on in the background to get into the mind of the artist/dad/not lawyer) while I absorb a proper lexicon.

Some that are sticking with me already are "Yet" "luna.two" and most recently "" (Serendip is a fairy tale place, actually).

I've added you to my reader. I would love it if you came back and voted on more of my This or That photos.

Hm. Denny's song would have worked well on that Curtains/TV post.

Debi said...

My tea got cold while I was here.

Debi said...

Crud. My comment should have read "now this is something I've not seen before!" Big difference.

And I somehow missed saying -- in all that verbage -- I like your work.

Miles said...

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