Sunday, December 30, 2007


Another image created from Bobbie's vision. Seeking a bit of June splendor as the year winds down...up north and up east. Blue state right now.

Early June leaves are glorious here. The color, their vitality. Overwhelmed of course to most by the burst of flowers.

Lately I have been focusing on the subtle beauty of evergreens.


Bobbie said...

John, you have taken and turned it into a work of art. I LOVE this one, even dh (dear husband) likes it but won't say he loves any art :)

griesmail said...

Let your new year be green.
Happy New Year John for you and your family, Trijnie

'JoAnn's-Digital-Eyes' said...

Hi John, This is a great shot I love it, go-on this way!

I wish You a Happy and Creative 2008, Look at my Happy fireworks and wishes. See my blog:)(c) JoAnn

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

Thank you - this image has grown on me - I am thinking of creating sister/brother blog where I also place the ones I like best.

Thank you for the encouragement and any constructive feedback.

Bobbie, thanks for the inspiration.

Debi said...

Big happy sigh. I love this one, especially when I opened the large version. So much more to see that way. Why do I love the numbers so much? The way they invert and still march along, like there is no end. I also like the combination of shapes in this one -- some curves here. Girls gotta have her curves.

A brother/sister blog would be a good idea. A "portfolio" so to speak. It's high time you have one, and 2008 is the perfect time.

Anonymous said...

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