Friday, December 28, 2007


Spent today in Manhattan with my family. Insane thing to do because of the holiday crowds. Lemmings everywhere all committing financial suicide by opulent spending, each at the level they consider a luxury. For some, that means carrying bags out of at a discount store, others were grazing at Cartier's on Fifth Avenue.

The highlight was some time in music stores on 48th street where I showed my son some electric basses. A young man was playing Flamenco on an electric guitar and we listened for about ten minutes as he mastered the song and instrument. Quite engaging. What I noticed with musicians is that their art can be social - interactive, an audience is sought or warranted.

"Painting" for the most part has been lonely, but for my recent excursions on blogs here. For a long time I did not reach out or look or communicate. There is a fellowship here and I am drawn to it.

Thank you to those who have been kind and open.


Bobbie said...

And we in turn are drawn to you. It is a fellowship that we are so lucky to have (thank you Debi, for prodding us to blogging!). I enjoy seeing the art you create and also the comments you make on other blogs. I love the expression "Lemmings everywhere all committing financial suicide by opulent spending". True!

Sweet Irene said...

We certainly are drawn to you and are glad of the opportunity to come her and admire your art, beside hearing the description of suicidal lemmings. lol

I love today's image and the colors especially. They are so mellow and easy to the eye, yet the picture is so abstract. There is a lot to be said for abstraction and the ability to find some point of view in it.

I love green, by the way, as if that should matter one bit.

Bev said...

I hope listening to the guy with the guitar also encourages your son to practice lol Great to read this description because it's like another world to me.

Debi said...

I had to laugh at the comments here. It's so fun to see "the ladies" in force at your blog, being themselves and bringing you kindness (and humor).

It is entertaining to look at your collages. And I mean that in a good way. After I have enjoy and absorb the first impression, then I like to look deeper -- to see the rhythms, patterns, and movement. Then deeper, into imagining the choices you made (including the mon.key titles) and the compelling words that are there but not there. It's all an intriguing mystery that keeps its balance between discovery and the unknowable.

If I fell...

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

Yes. Lately I type Beatles lyrics then erase them. Like a needle skip in an old forty five.

My use of the number 9, though, is not Beatles related.


Lisa Sarsfield said...

Ditto. Art can be lonely especially if your art is different. My blog is a huge means of motivation and by blog friends a huge means of encouragement!
Your certainly not alone there!