Thursday, December 27, 2007

Irene asked for demo of process.

I can amplify as desired. Basically I like Microsoft Paint although wish they would enhance it. Biggest problem is you cannot reduce under 100 percent to hard to work with large files. I have old versions of Corel Paint, Photoshop - I just love Paint and the fact it is so limiting. I also use pocket cameras - nice baby digitals good for family snapshots. Wanted to buy high end Cannon, then life happened...

Photo of church floor near Wall Street, Manhattan. George Washington used to attend services there and they have his pew. It is situated less than a block from the World Trade Center:

This is a image - bad draft held in reserve - used green elements below:

Played a bit, created bones:

Another image used for elements:

Modified colors using Photo Manager:

Flipped and cropped, (spare the rod, spoil the image, grandma always said):

Words, title:



Bobbie said...

John, you have opened a whole new world for me with this technique. Not to copy you, heaven's forbid, but to enhance my own artistic ability. Thank you so much for your openness and this "tutorial". I'll be posting one of my own soon.

Debi said...

I'm smiling from ear to ear! And in spite of how it might seem -- it does NOT explain all. How can one explain the vision you have?

Still, what a fabulous post and I loved every word of it, every version of the process. (And all the little John-isms in between, "spare the rod, spoil the image" made me laugh and illustrated well what you did.)

I see from Bobbie (aka Mom to me) is also equally inspired by your work and we might see subsequent JMM Copyright 2007 influences there as well.

We are building you a fan club even before you get famous. Or....maybe you already are famous and we are just the clever ones to have discovered your anonymous side. ;)

Sue O'Kieffe said...

im fascinated. i don't know anything about MS Paint and have never used image apply in PS, though I know my way around that program pretty well. It's nice to think about learning new skills. thx for the demo. come visit.
~sue o'kieffe

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i just am leaving one last comment so i can subscribe to the comment thread. haha

Bev said...

Looks a bit like a cheque or a credit card. Everyone knows global warming has the issue of money at its heart.