Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Went with mid afternoon walk with my boys - to Jones Beach West End. Brought binoculars and my son had his camera which I kept borrowing.

Picture of dunes, color and contrast adjusted.

Saw three horn larks on grassy field. Glorious day, but for the winds which kept birds hunkered and out of sight.


griesmail said...

you had a wonderful day with your son

Bev said...

The way I scrolled down cut off the top of the picture and gave the photo the effect of weeds under water, waht with the bluey light.

Debi said...

I've been to this photo several times in the past few busy days (a "fly-by" as another blogger put it).

It grows more lovely with each visit. Soothing and rhythmic. Like being held and rocked. Huh. Maybe that's one of the implications of the phrase "Mother" Nature?

And John. John took this picture, let's give him some credit. I don't know what manipulations you do with your photos -- cropping, color adjustments, whatever. It doesn't matter to my way of thinking. Even with all that you can't take a bad photo and make it into a great one. But you can take a good photo and make it into an even better one with those techniques. Photography is all about smoke and mirrors anyway. My 2 cents.

Lovely smoke and mirrors here.