Monday, December 17, 2007


OK, had to make more manic - did not seem like mine. Still a draft.

Chickadees an nuthatches are two types of birds that are tame enough to feed by hand. They will come down and sit on your hand for a peanut. Both in Russia and in Central Park in NYC.

If birders ran the world, no one would fight (much), or work (much).

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griesmail said...

Last year we had a black crow, near the studio. He was tame and very friendly. Also naughty, took coffee-spoons and other bling-bling with him on the roof.
He disapeared, I think one of the farmers in the neighbourhood killed him. They hate crows.

Your birdy on the image looks like a "pimpelmees" or a "koolmees" There a lot here in Winter-time.
They never sat on my hand :(.

I agree there would be no war if birders ran the world