Thursday, December 27, 2007

This image belongs to Bobbie - who most graciously allowed me to borrow it - the intent here is to continue the process discussion.

With manipulation there is the ability to push the envelope and create colors that can soothe or jolt. I prefer soothing the palette in many instances because it camouflages the manipulation and keeps the focus more on the created image rather than on the process.

I seek to submerge the process - make it transparent. Here is the original image - my changing the tone makes it less magical, more somber.

I prefer Bobbie's vision, but wanted to show the example...

Later I played a bit with Bobbie's and quite by "accident" I defoliated the landscape. Alas. much time in the blender, but still not a Daiquiri.


Have a great day.


Sue O'Kieffe said...

im really fascinated because i don't know how different ms paint is from PS. you must be making selections and flipping and turning and copying and pasting but still...i am oh so curious. like my photoshop instructor would say, don't try to figure it out, sue. just do it.
btw, my photoshop tutorials cover basic concepts and aren't geared towards older versions. im sure you could follow at least back as far as v5.5
thanks for visiting
~sue o'kieffe

Sweet Irene said...

I am as mystified and fascinated as Sue is. I too am trying to understand the process, but maybe I shouldn't try to follow along logically and just enjoy the outcome.

You certainly do some magical work, but always you come back to these abstract and rectangular shapes that appeal to my sense of order in the chaos.

Thanks for visiting my blog and giving your input and feedback. It's always nice to get from a fellow blogger whom you like.

You guessed it right, I love my animals!

griesmail said...

there is a interesting rytm in this picture. I see it more often in your work

griesmail said...

I did not comment on the top one, that is a strange image very mysterious, I can see the hand with an animal on it? In your garden?

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

Hi, the top image is altered version and originally from Bobbie, fellow blogger. I imagine the yard , hand and bird are all in the state of Texas.

Bobbie said...

I'm sorry that somehow I missed your brilliant interpretation of I love what you do with these "raw" materials. Fantastic. Keep on borrowing :) I'm open to your critiques and so welcome them.

Debi said...

LOL, John. You'd likely be right about the location of yard, hand, and bird.

It is fascinating to see what you do with these images. They transform into distinctly JMM's. Daiquiri or margarita, they are still have your kick to them.

Magnus said...

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