Saturday, December 29, 2007

I have been tagged and asked to write five facts about myself and tag five other blogs:

1) I was born in Havana, Cuba and lived there until after the Bay of Pigs. I have very fond memories of living there - I recall once walking to the end of a small wooden pier, diving in and swimming in a large school of tiny colorful salt water tropical fish. It was a quite magical minute in paradise. I was no older than six.

2) I remember when I stopped thinking in Spanish and thought in English - might have been in fourth grade.

3) I grew up in San Francisco and lived there through most of the 1960's, all the 1970's until 1983 when I moved to New York City to pursue art. I was too young to be a hippie but I remember the Summer of Love and I went to the Haight often but ran away when offered drugs. I just said no. Still, the 60's are my biggest influence and to this day I live my many tenets of that era.

4) I went to law school in late 1970's and I dropped out of one of the best law schools in the country because at the time money and career seemed less important. Blame the sixties.

5) I do not know five other blogers well well enough to tag them...instead I will put out my hand and ask anyone who reads this to tag themselves - Sue's rules here.

For an amazing site for `60's psychedelic posters go here. I still have the poster I pasted above. I used to have over a hundred Fillmore and Avalon posters, now I have maybe eight. I wish I had saved them all as well as the hand bills. Blame the seventies.


Sue O'Kieffe said...

thanks for playing. it's been fun learning more about you!
~sue o'kieffe

Bobbie said...

So fun to learn more about you, John. Your memory of swimming with the fish sounds wonderful. As you probably saw I had a dream of fish swimming about in my woods. I love that dream. We/ve all made a few mistakes in our lives, isn't that right? But if we hadn't maybe our lives might not have turned out as well as they did :)

Bev said...

Very interesting to read this. I must admit I got very curious about who 'John' was after reading the comments on Debi's blog!

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

Thank you all. My pleasure to play. Bobbie, I loved that image in the forest with the fish and also the cardinal. I really liked that you inclded the cardinal.

Debi said...

Oh I'm so happy to know that I can "dig" your work and sometimes be "bummed out" when things don't work out just right for you.

It doesn't surprise me in the least that you have lived such a variety of places, all artistic and free-thinking places, I might add.

I think it is amazing how some (I'm not naming names but they are in very high places) could have grown up in basically the same era and been so unaffected by the tenets. Maybe there is a turning of the tide, though. Maybe time the pendulum swings back.

Thank you for sharing five (actually four) things about you. It's fun getting to know one another through art, words, and the occasional game of tag.

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

Well, the fifth fact is that I cannot add to five.

About the "ladies," my wife asked to also communicate with a man blogger. It is my mission in life, other than to try to put together a portfolio and poke my head into manhattan galleries.

I think people in US finally believe in global warming.


griesmail said...

Hi John I missed this till now, It was nice to read your life story.
I could see you swim in Cuba, think that is a beautiful memory

Debi said...

John, I'd like you to meet:

Fawzan, out of Canada, photographer and watercolorist. Will brave any weather (and good thing too since he lives in Canada) to get that shot or paint plein air.

Mr. K, (another man of name mystery) out of LA. Also a photographer, writing via something he calls The Jimson Weed Gazette, specializing in LA. "All of it" as he says.

And last, another monkey type man, this strange but lovable character we shall call Martin (and he shall call himself Martin as well), from Combe Martin if you can believe that. His pictures make me believe it.

Please give my best regards to the Mrs.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Glad you played tag too! You know what? I don't know 5 bloggers not already tagged
Nice to read a bit about you....I was born to late to enjoy the 70's although I swear that my bohemian tendencies stem from being born in the 70's! I think I would have LOVED the 70's!
Anyway..I enjoyed being nosey and reading more about you! I will make sure I drop by more often:)

Myron said...

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