Monday, December 10, 2007


Another Florida Keys image - quite peaceful again. Bananas and rum. Salt air and the minute by minute threat of a sun burn.

Once I met a man birding in the Keys. We were looking at hawks on a beautiful fall morning - I was on vacation- and he talked about living in a marina on his sailboat in Marathon and how one day the outboard engine on his boat broke down. Then he stated, "So I had to get a job for a while, and you know how that is."

Yes, I do, even if I do not have an outboard on the fritz.


Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh Snap! I photograph leaves and forks too! Oh, and I often do form not from! Catchy name for your blog.
I enjoy seeing how you've taken ordinary things (like the concrete) and turned them into something special. It's good to appreciate the under-glorified in life!
I followed you from my blog:) Thankyou for your lovely comments!

Anonymous said...

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