Friday, December 21, 2007


I have tagged this as "sampled" and "draft," because it is a first embrace, a tenuous dance. The photo sampled is this photograph of a blue tinted tin wall with roof, tongue of a sky and wondrous semi-dormant vine. That moment does not exist but for a well situated mind and shutter. Here is the image - photo one. Debi is a photographer and her blog shows vision and you can share in her delight in the day by day journey.

I don't know. I like to sample, to re-work and process something that draws me. I saw this Texas wall on my blackberry and it soft echoed as I commuted.

I love seeing blog art blackberry sized. Then on a good monitor. Two worlds, one or two mindsets.


Debi said...

Would it be immodest of me to say I loved this? To h*ll with modesty, I love this!

I've never had this experience before, of seeing my work through the vision of someone else, muchless of someone else who's work I like as much as I like yours.

I like the inversion of colors. Makes the remaining blue that much more blue. I like all the wild lines (more curves this time!) those of nature, those of yours, tangled up. And my absolute favorite part is the strip up through the middle -- the corrugated (sp) tin creating, at first glance, a negative strip. Like in old film. And the words scattered, obfuscated, scattered, tattered, torn, wind-swept.

Don't delete it! Please.

P.S. I like knowing a NY commuter is reading my blog on his blackberry. Amazing, delightful, small world. (Literally.)

John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

Glad you liked. If you want "Save As" - it is yours if you want it.

griesmail said...

I just love it