Monday, December 17, 2007

My oldest son will be twelve in February. I bought him a digital camera last year for Christmas and he takes good pictures and makes little videos with it. I have posted a couple of his photographs - one of the Florida Keys and another of mute swans and their cygnets, the latter taken last June.

Greg has been watching me on the computer and asking questions about how I manipulate photos. I came home last night and he showed me his first "creation" that is more than merely experimental.


The footprint is of large wading bird, probably a great white heron, at Grassy Key north of Marathon. I remember standing there last April and showing him the imprint in the muddy white clay.

Am I a "bad dad" for wanting to rotate the image. Instead, I will show him and let him decide....

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griesmail said...

wow he is realy talented