Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yesterday's post included no narrative - I was on a roll and just wanted to post images. Today was a milder day - no lunch outing. My iPod broke so I went out and got a new one - 120 gigs. 40 days of music on it now....

Many pictures to day have to do about stairs and escalators. Hope you enjoy them - maybe they will make you sad. Reactions are good, unless it involves retching.

Bellmore station, 8:05 am.

Penn Station, Track 19 9:05a am. The sun also rises.

5th Av Station, 9:20 am. These ladies, particularly the one in the striped jacket, were dressed high couture.

5th Av, W. 53rd Street stairs. Walking closer to daylight.

Penn, escalator, 4:50 pm.

Penn escalator, 4:52 pm. People always move on.

Other photos:

East River tunnel, 8:50 AM. Car reflection and lights from a train going east.

Penn track 18, 9:00 am.

E Uptown platform, 9:10 am. Accidental zoom picture which merely means blow up of center part creating a much smaller file.

E train uptown, 50th Street, 9:15 am.

Downtown E platform, 5th Av, 4:00 pm. Different crowd at four - fewer professionals.

Approaching Bellmore, 4:50 pm. Home early.

Bellmore platform, east end, 4:55 pm.


The Gossamer Woman said...

Okay John, apparently you live in subways and on escalators and in elevators. Do you ever venture out in the street? See the weather, the traffic, the people outside, go to shops? I am curious! Whet my appetite.

John said...

Irene, unforttunately I commute three hours a day and then work - the day before yesterday (prior post) I did go out at might be whet there. Cheers, now off to the train....

Mick said...

What I'm waiting for are the retaliatory snaps of YOU from some of your subjects. :)

jgy said...

The colors in Penn escalator 4.50 and Penn escalator 4.52 work very nicely as a pair