Friday, June 19, 2009


Back to Eduard's photographs provided by Irene.



I took off from work today so no sojourns into tunnels where light is dim. Wait....

My best.


The Gossamer Woman said...

at.dusk.crickets is my favorite. I like the repetition of the trees and the negative imprint of the first row. I always find that kind of spooky in a really good way and I love repetition. I appeals to my somewhat "autistic" mind. I would say, artistic mind, but that's not necessarily true. It appeals to my sense of order in a chaotic universe. I know, there is order in apparent chaos too. There's order in jazz too, have you noticed? This collage is like jazz, it makes me jive. And jazz is just like baroque. All of it makes sense if you listen carefully. That's what this collage is all about.

Mick said...

Playing hooky, eh? I approve!