Saturday, June 6, 2009

I like the pictures I am taking and am quite content with the progression. I always have been a photographer and am enjoying the subtle and less subtle manipulation of the resulting digital images. My computer is a "darkroom" with iTunes built in.

And because I commute so much, well I hope you like trains....

Below are chronological photos taken, the top Thursday night and rest today, Friday. I am getting a memory card for my BlackBerry, hopefully this weekend. Right now I can only save about six pictures on the BB. I need to constantly email and purge images.

Near Merrick, evening train.

Running smoothly, Penn Station.

Fifth Ave,, escalator. People stand on the right and others walk up on the left. Fast lane and slow lane to the initiated.

West 52nd Street, rain.

Crowded E train, evening rush.

Track 19 escalator, Penn. Remarkably empty moment during evening rush - a minor miracle .

One train going west, my train going east in the rain. Been there, seen that.

Have a splendid Saturday, my favorite day of the week. My best.


The Gossamer Woman said...

Yup! I like them and am fascinated by them. I like your little descriptions with them. It gives me something to hold onto. The umbrella one is great! Very Parisian.

Frances said...

I love to travel by train. I love to travel.

Mick said...

As always, I stand amazed at these images ... it seems to matter not whether they're untouched or knit together.

Kim said...

"My computer is a "darkroom" with iTunes built in."
:) :)

jgy said...

It's perfect that you are finding a medium that you can use in your commute, making everything more magical, and finding miracles...(empty stairs@!)
It's quite in keeping with art and life of all times, where you find the means of expression from the need to express something.
I like the