Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bellmore Train Station platform, boarding the 8:12.

The first photo I took the best and, by luck, one of my best. Somehow I photographed trees through the moving train and also a reflection of Sunrise Highway buildings off the train window. Lucky or karma.

E Train, above 42nd Street, a bit after nine.

The scarf matched the advertisements next to the windows. From the hip. I think she was a dancer or a runner. She kept stretching. Never seen that before and I am always looking.

5th Ave Station, 5:40 PM.

Quick snap before boarding a train. I am enjoying trains in motion.

Passing Rockville Centre, facing east.

Last photograph of the day. Minimal view through car seats. Office buildings blurring by, I like it when there are fewer people on a train, then the air feels less energized.


Mick said...

I'm getting dizzy! :O

SusuPetal said...

I must say that I've enjoyed tremendously when you've posted these last photos about people on the move.

All of those photos have brought me joy, although I haven't been commenting. There's so little to say, only to enjoy.

John said...

Thank you.