Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blackberry, Times Square.

Blackberry, 50th Street.

53rd Street stairs, 5th Av.

53rd Street escalator, 5th Av.

50th Street, downtown bound.

Penn Station E , 7:20 pm.

What I have learned is how much use there is of Blackberrys underground and cell phone above ground. I am not sure if this is sad or just a taste of the Jetsons. Lisa commented that I do not see trees and flowers etc. I do, but less time than I commute.

Subways are so much more inspiring than the Long Island Railroad. Less homogeneous population and the car seating and crowds enhance photo opportunities. I am enjoying finding beauty amidst the noise and rush.


Mick said...

... and find it you do, John!

The Green Stone Woman said...

Your life takes place in the underground, let's face it, between anonymous people in narrow places and semi dark spaces. This is how we get to know your world. This is what we see. We long for greenery and flowers and sunlight or rain and streets and sidewalks and traffic. Life. This is like the Gulag Archipelago that you are trapped in and never released from. Endlessly.