Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mitchell Field track, near Nassau Coliseum. Final track meet. I used my blackberry for the first times at that first meet of the season.

Track stands seat in sun, me looking down.

Mariana doing homework in the car.

Alex's practice, close to seven.

Mariana posing in Subaru during soccer practice. Less light, in the car, is good.

Rutted soccer field, Bellmore. Twilight light. A walk in the park.


The Gossamer Woman said...

Very intimate photos, privileged to see them. No, I could not identify her in a crowd.

jgy said...

Your Mariana portraits are precious. The more you detail the personal-- the specific titles with the station names, the eyelashes of your daughter---the more you make something universal.
Its exciting to see words like Rockville Center and Lynbrook on titles, perhaps you will make them into household names like Arles and Giverny...

jgy said...

PS I also like the numbers.
I'll put a few wagers
on those.

Mick said...

Track meet? I was just about to lay down a bet on red. :O