Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mariana in our car. Look here, look there.

Levittown high school track, 11 AM. Greg's last soccer game of the season.

Lisa pointed out that there are a lot of people - actually for the images I take I wait for crowds to thin out since more people makes for a crammed unimaginative composition and the crowd greatly darkens life.

Mick noted that the people I photograph do not seem happy. To some extent this is due to timing - I mostly photograph commuters at the start and end of workdays. Riders, particularly on subways, show little emotion. Subways are much safer than twenty years ago, but there is little privacy, less personal space and now as July approaches they are starting to get warmer and muggy. Sultry.

Here are some images for Lisa, all from my leftovers.

Penn, E train platform, tail end of the evening rush.

Penn, 8th Av. Concourse area, 5:50 PM.

Penn, 8th Av. Concourse area, 5:55 PM.

Here is one for Mick, taken this morning at Daniel's deli in Bellmore.

Snickers, Skittles, a plain bagel. 9:00 AM. I recall being fairly happy at the time.


Kim said...

I think you should publish your photos in a book John!!
call it something like New York Commuters....
nice shot of Mariana :) she has a perfect profile :)

Kim said...

ps love the track numbers..
btw 9 is my lucky number!!

Kim said...

ah on closer observation I see it's an upside down 6 ;)

The Gossamer Woman said...

People shots are the greatest. They bring out the curiosity in me and I wonder about their lives, just that little bit of it. What were they thinking at that time? Did they have worries or happy thoughts or mundane ones? We are so much alike all over the place. Anonymous yet very much the same human beings.

Mick said...

... "I want candy" ...
- The Strangloves

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i love the intimacy of these photos. how many mpx's does a blackberry have?

jgy said...

I agree with Kim.
It's got the feel of a definite collection..
6 5 4 3 2 1 ...go!
(I know, easier said than done, but its great that you are honing in your vision like this)

jgy said...

PS and in the book, along with the photos, there could be your poems...

Snickers, Skittles, a plain bagel.
9:00 AM. I recall being fairly happy
at the time


PSS I like the candy colors blurring by in this image