Monday, June 15, 2009

Thank you for the encouraging words. I have started publishing smaller images because the images I am making are are relatively small and I think the work now is more commercially viable. I am really enjoying seeing and stalking.

Below are glimpses of today. Hope you enjoy them. I remain one of few words. Be good.

Uptown E, Penn, 9:05 AM. Best photo of the day.

Fifth Ave, Downtown station. Great light down here - soft and low.

Downtown bound C Train, Penn Station. You can see the driver.

Train pulling in, Penn Station E and C platform. Stark light in this Station.

Near turn styles, Penn Station, 4:40 PM.

Morning ride in, within Queens. More drastic treatment. She suspected I took a photo. He read the New York Times, a dieing breed. Each alert in his and her way.

The stretch before Valley Stream. Afternoon ride facing east. Like an old fashioned portrait. Has s taste of Whistler's Mother, I do not know why.


The Gossamer Woman said...

Whistler's Mother sat in the same pose in her chair with the same serious face and the same hairdo.

Good photos today. How about more street and shop pictures?

Mick said...

More gold, sir!