Tuesday, June 2, 2009

iPod snnoze, the 8:12, but later.

I am enjoying the BB and learning how to use it in various light, amounts of movement, shooting form the hip, etc. I am enjoying how this camera blunts focus in a soft way, that beckons manipulation via color and contrast manipulation, etc.

I am taking pictures in public settings and I do wonder about the privacy implication. Someone I trust is cautioning me not to pursue this. I do see it as an artistic endeavour. But I am a bit conflicted.

Sometimes I do pick idealized women as BB models and I know that it is safe. But one has to start somehow. Subway grime has been done. I am finding the things I notice that keep me saner in all the rush in an insane time.

So here you have an E Train slowing in and I know I want to capture the subjects standing and behind them a blurring recognizable train.

And somehow I capture the American flag waving at 12 miles per hour.

Later I took the best picture I could of a bunch of people reading. I was sitting among them listening to the 1971 Grateful Dead.

Late evening rush, downtown E train arriving at 5th Ave.

Same subject on southbound train, the only two pics taken and both from the hip.

Morning Fifth Ave. Everyone including me walking east.

After Jamaica Station, Queens in late afternoon light. Most people snooze or read. I iPod.

Past Freeport, Nassau County. Noticed that the palette and tones outside mirrored the relatively new leatherette LIRR seat.

Ohh privacy.


jgy said...

For the most part, you seem to be keeping up the anonymity. With cropping, blurring, backs, fragments. It also can be incorporated into your vision. When I see the movement of the feet, the head seen over a seat, it becomes universal.
More about the gesture than identity.
I remember your famous picture of 'the neck'.
How to find ways to make them stunning, controversial without being invasive...

(hello Freeport)

Mick said...

Unless your intent is to use recognizable faces to advertise your soon-to-be-released parfum, you're quite safe in posting photos taken in public places on your blog.

The Gossamer Woman said...

I find them fascinating, but I do feel a little bit like a voyeur. Not enough to make me stop looking at the different body parts that come siding into view so anonymously. I like hands the best.

Kim said...

wonderful images and I can't help but think they would make great paintings too ...great NY narrative and all that :)

Frances said...

I saw a really good exciting exhibition of photography here, called Street and Studio. One of the questions was yours.
Some of the answers were interesting. I think there is a book of the exhibition. I recommend it.