Monday, June 29, 2009

The news, reflected, just hours before Michael Jackson died.

Commuter morning, again...BB shots form late last week.

Note how crowded Penn was, but a few feet away and seconds later I took the photo of the woman fixing her hair. A quiet moment in a crowd, standing aside near the elevator that takes you to Tracks 20 and 21...

We all find peace and beauty anyway we can, huh.


D.Edwards said...

There is a certain voyeuristic; dream like quality to your subway photos that really appeals to me. I sometimes take some very interesting people pictures through the windows of my second story apartment that is located on the public square of my town. They tend to have that same hazy look to them since they are shot through the glass and/or screen windows. I usually manipulate the photos after wards. I just posted an example on my blog; if you care to go look.

jgy said...

The top photo has a ghostly feel.
I like how you capturing the moments near when something big happened, a personal tribute,
remembering an idol.

This line was in my mind that I came here to write, so here I write...
"I get by with a little help from my friends, ♬。。。”


Mick said...

I got a kick out of the blond in the sun glasses ... I bet she was watching YOU!