Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hanging on, commuter, E train.

Shot straight up, blind and from my lap, Friday night. The hand above hand here does not wash the other.

Here is a clip of the Grateful Dead playing "Ripple" at Radio City in either 1980 or 1981. I have been listening to the Dead's acoustic CD, "Reckoning." Jerry sang a remarkable "China Doll." "Ripple is also on the CD. I own the single CD version, it is now out as a two disk set. Wonderful "unplugged" record with no jamming.

I am mostly a fan of the Dead from 1966 to 1969, also known as the "Primal Dead." "Live Dead" is one of my favorite albums. I collected about 80 early concerts before they Dead stopped allowing free access to high quality recordings form their soundboards. The Dead, unlike almost any other Sixties band, recorded most of their concerts and later they allowed fans to record their concerts.



Cory said...

I love this photo...i can almost feel the speed.

Mick said...

For me, the years 1965 to 1971 were spent in the service, the critical years - 1967 to 1969 - on active duty in Florida. The beach music scene was surely not akin to the Dead of that time.

Kim said...

great compositions John ..the girl in the blue parka!!!
very easy music to listen to ...I've never heard of them :) until now :)