Wednesday, June 24, 2009




A MOMA lunch with no lunch (they do have a great cafeteria). Here I tried to blend art with patrons. I realize I mostly photograph women. I have other photographs - I like escalators and the museum has good low light. Also a nice series with a cell phone.

The galleries were crowded - here is the line in front of "Starry, Starry Night."


Kim said...

great smorgasbord John!!!
Happy Belated Birthday wishes to your son :)) my 19 year old Alex moved out on Monday...the years go so fast...

The Green Stone Woman said...

Very lovely colors on these, John. Like impressionist paintings. The style of them also. Very enjoyable to look at, Especially the ones with the single women on them.

Mick said...

I have to admit that I, too, enjoy your pictures of women. :)

jgy said...

I like photos of women too, they do make wonderful subjects in these.

I love the series of people in front of the pictures, and naming each by the picture.
The viewer and the painting and the observer become one.
A meditative contemplative sandwich,
now I 'm hungry for a pino (you'll see!)

BTW, a few summers ago I started a series of Yasu in front of pictures in MOMA, I thought to keep going with it, but like many of my projects I stopped. Yours inspire me to carry on, next time I have a chance to visit MOMA:)

Enjoy more MOMA moments, hope the rain has cleared...