Monday, June 8, 2009

Tracks, wall, and back of seat on newer train.

Tourist, Babylon branch in Queens. Taking in the least scenic part of the commute, a railroad yard flanked by warehouses and light industry.

Tourist, Babylon branch approaching East River tunnel. You can see a Long Island Expressway sign in the background. This reflection has a Madonna quality.

E Train, 5th Avenue. From the hip on a crowded platform.

E Train, 50th Street. From the hip, moving train.

E Train, approaching Port Authority Station, bus station for New Jersey commuters. I thought she would get off at 42nd Street since the subject dressed like someone affluent from a north Jersey suburb. Instead she got off at Penn Station where there are New Jersey Transit trains.


jgy said...

cool variations,
warm reflections

Mick said...

I'm surprised here every single day, John. You can't buy that good feeling for any amount of money. :)