Friday, November 6, 2009

Subway shots and then a platform photo shoot. Luckily the subway was not running south on time so there was a long lull for me to make images. I left before the subway came. Congestion, or the lack thereof, on a Thursday morn.

This post is sort of like a old fashined 35mm "contact sheet" - where you see the negatives on a roll. Well, I am a bit more selective, but you do see my process.

And these all are shot blind from the hip or the chest. That aspect is getting easier with practice, despite unintended tilts of the horizon and errant fingers that still cover the BB lens, on occasion.


The Artist Within Us said...

Seeing the process is important to understand your thought process and this post is a wonderful example. The first four images remind me of the ones by Walker Evans and his photographs in the 1040's subway.

Thank you for sharing

John M. Mora said...

Thank you, Egmont. Your posts outline your artisitci process so elequently - both in prose and by your images. I recommend all who have not done so to visit Egmont's blogs.

Your fly fishing book looks wonderful - I tried to fly fish in high school and could not do so very well. My best friend and I visited the Abercrombie and Fitch store in San Francisco near Union Square. back then it was a place you could buy polo mallets and fur and freeather to tie flies. Preppy paradise then, now the store is a chain selling over priced GAP clothes.

I am really enjoying an artisitic community that continues to evolve among many of us. It is something important to me. Thank you, everyone.

Mick said...

The shadows in the third photo of the standing woman intrigue me. There's an organic feel that I can't shake.