Monday, November 16, 2009



Quilt sampled from image of an imaginative blog concerning lifestyle, vintage and other fashion.

I've mentioned it before, but there is this whole world of blogs for personal fashion - they concern what I bought, what I wore, the frothy latte I drank, or the models or boots or hand bags I admire. To be young and have disposable income...yet, some of these sites create art. There is a lightness and a freshness and a beauty to them - a joy that is not always tied to materialism. I fell unto them by looking at a link of a follower.

Fashion has some parallel to the blackberry photos I have been taking, particularly to where I started with the medium.

The blog sampled here has a very good photographer who likes to push color saturation. I have asked her for permission to sample her images, placing this as an example. If she does not agree to my use, this post might have to be removed - at least the images.

Many artists have agreed to my sampling, a few have not. I enjoy sampling more than taking the photos myself. It combines aesthetics and I appreciate the variety available.

I have not done quilts for a while having been less inspired and also having lost many image sources.

I see my sampling as a compliment - I try to change the image enough that I am not plagiarizing. Not sure if all would agree.

By coincidence my friend Mick sampled one of my BB images for his post today. I really like what he did. Please check it out here. Somehow he took a subway rider and placed her in the stratosphere (I am not going to spell check that word).

"Hey, hey, Mr. Spaceman...."


layers said...

fascinating--- I think I see a straw hat--- love the quilt effect.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Great quilt and as always, lyrics to match!

SusuPetal said...

I'll put that fabric on my table for Christmas.

Mick said...

As soon as the page loaded there was an audible gasp! at my end. It's nice to see a new quilt.

Sylvie said...

Hello! Well, I'm flattered that you would use my photo, although in this case, it was taken of me, not by me. The credit goes to my friend, Jess, whose information I can pass on if you'd like to contact her. Thanks again though, it's an honor you like the images!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

People say no? Silly people. It's an honour to them that you would want to use your talents to compliment theirs.

Sorry to have been such a bad visitor lately, my trip around the globe has had many interuptions!

Loving seeing your digital mash, I like to see how far you push and change a work while keeping some of the original character.

jgy said...

Interesting thoughts about fashion. I wonder why I am kind of cynical about fashion and materialism, whereas as you say there is an artistic element in it of course; and to be able appreciate that...
Thanks for sharing the process, always insightful.
Haveagreat weekend,

Anonymous said...

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