Wednesday, November 18, 2009

5th Ave. northbound, morning commute, 11/17/2009.

Midtown lobby.

Waiting for the E, evening commute.

Unexpected light. Fortuitous.

I photograph with moving trains behind regularly. Saints appear sometimes in the shadows on these. A tacky obsession. 5th Av, station is so much better than Penn platform. Source of light, ceiling height and color, et al.

Southbound E train, 6:20 PM.

LIRR, eastbound evening. Backpack study included.

Bellmore station stairs, nighthawks.


Mick said...

Number four is my vote for mysterious abstraction. I liked a few of those short skirts as well!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Im so glad I came by today to see your trainbound photographs. The first in this series made me go "wow" so I vote for that.
Hope you are well.

Kim said...

hi John
the first photo inspires me to paint abstracts...
the whites stand out...
I'll have to eat more brie ;)

layers said...

this last image really looks like some sort of ghost is descending some sort of stairs-- eerie

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I'm with Mick, although the short skirts don't do as much for me:)

bling bling said...

The man with the jeweled hand and paper, great shot. Looks manly even if he has more rings on his fingers than me.