Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Monday's commute - one staircase. No time to review other images taken yesterday.

I miss baseball. Not that I watched it everyday, but it was there like an old bottle of unblended Scotch. I love watching soccer, but baseball allows you time to think and remember.

All my best.


Mick said...

I miss the New York Football Giants. There are some empty suits doing something on the field but I'm not sure where the team went!

Anonymous said...

The end of the Chargers game when the Giants could not score a TD after the interception and then the San Diego drive were awful.

layers said...

I don't have the love for sports-- except soccer-- that you do but I do feel your "loss" a little bit-- but baseball will be back :-)

jgy said...

Your staircase photo is great, and in the tradition of DuChampion.
I too don't watch baseball but I can feel the missing described in your bittersweet words. Could be a scene from a movie, The Photographer at the Close of Baseball Season.
Best wishes,