Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Thursday - Penn, West 53rd, MoMA, Penn again, LIRR Station platforms at Merrick and Bellmore.

The Monday before Thanksgiving with many people will be taking the week off, I suspect.

We did not get HBO or extra cable channels until the last year when we bought a high definition TV last Christmas. An odd thing is the cable companies show Christmas movies all year. I avoided watching any Christmas movie in the summer. And the fall.

Soon I might succumb.

Another irony is that I got a HD TV about the same time I became intrigued by a low definition camera.


Mick said...

An amazingly connected set today, John. The first two grabbed me by the ... um, nape of my neck!

Frances said...

orange. nice

layers said...

some of these look like there is writing or mark making behind the figures

Sue O'Kieffe said...

your low def images are often haunting. makes me wonder if you see dead people with that black berry of yours. point them towards the light, dude